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WANTED: SPECIFIC Maple Fender Jazz Bass Neck – LONG STORY

I posted this ad on the Norfolk/VA Beach Craigslist, but perhaps someone browsing this website may have some clues… 😀

In the late 80s I lost a storage unit while in the Navy at sea.
In that storage unit was a Maple Fender Jazz Bass Neck Serial# S864383.
I know it’s a long shot, but wondering if anyone has seen the neck with the matching serial number to my Jazz Bass body.
I replaced the maple fretted neck with a solid rosewood fretless neck I bought at Va. Beach Guitar (I don’t think they still exist).
I took all the hardware off the neck – it is still on the fretless and it is my main bass today.
I have also since refinished the bass body, and the serial # is in the neck pocket.
Would be cool to reunite with the neck if it is available.
Let me know your terms if found. It was not stolen or anything like that, I would just like to purchase it back if possible.
Thanks for checking.
Keep In Tune!

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