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Hello to all!
My Name is Mark Edward Isherwood.
I consider myself a Songwriter/Musician. I have hundreds, my wife says thousands, of songs that I have written, with several collaborations. I am attempting now to get them recorded and marketed.
I can help if you need music or lyrics for your own song. I believe I have a gift for hearing music when I read words.
I have all the studio equipment I need now to recreate the sounds in my head including ProTools and a Tascam digital interface with 6 XLR inputs.
I am a Full Time Online Student at Full Sail University in the Music Production Bachelor’s Degree Program, so I am learning how to get the professional sound out of my DAW software I require. The photo is from a trip to Florida in September 2011. We passed by Full Sail at night, so I needed a pic.
I play several instruments, but bass and drums are my most proficient. I guess I would rather be known for my songwriting than performance, although I do really like to play the bass (since 1976).
See you at the Grammys!

This is my Bass. It is a 1978 Fender Jazz Bass that I bought new, then later refinished and customized with an all-rosewood fretless neck. The headstock says “Ish Custom”. Most of the hardware and electronics are from the original Fender, except the nut, brass control plate and walnut volume/tone knobs. I also removed the original pickguard, thumbrest, and “ashtray” metal bridge and neck pickup covers.

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