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Welcome to my web home!

A bit about Mark:

I am a Songwriter/Musician. Although I play several instruments, I consider myself primarily a songwriter, then a bass player (since the mid-70s). I have been writing songs since I was about 10 years old, and still have a few of them lying around somewhere. I say probably hundreds, my wife says thousands. Many times, when I am writing songs now, I hear a full song sound in my head with all the instruments in place, solos, etc. I have collaborated many times on songs also, once turning an email someone wrote to their girlfriend into what may turn out to be my favorite song of all the songs I’ve ever done. I have also collaborated with people who provide only music, and have written complete songs with lyrics and arranged into intros, outros, choruses, verses, and a bridge when necessary. I hope to produce my songs into something marketable using my knowledge gained from my experiences attending Full Sail University for Music Production and other courses and real-life experiences that have given me a wealth of knowledge to put to use in the studio. Keep checking back to stay updated on the very latest releases and happenings of isherwoodme!

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