Studio Time

I know the whole studio room isn’t set up yet, but this part is exciting because I can record, mix, and edit now:

  • Install Pro Tools 11.3.1 and all associated drivers, plugins, etc. into Windows 10. checkmark
  • Install 16-channel audio interface drivers and settings panel.  checkmark
  • Install ASIO4ALL audio drivers into Windows 10.  checkmark
  • Connect Audio interface to computer and speakers.  checkmark
  • Connect second display monitor to laptop and extend desktop onto it.  checkmark
  • Open older Pro Tools session and test system.  checkmark
  • Set up Templates and Workspace in PT.  checkmark
  • Test 8-channel audio snake on each channel using digital drum machine.  checkmark
  • Connect 25-key MIDI controller to USB hub and test connectivity and function.  checkmark
  • Connect 61-key MIDI keyboard to audio interface, test connectivity and function.  checkmark

I feel better now.

Everything runs smoothly after a few benign hiccups.
Almost time to do some real recording.
Gonna set up the acoustic drum set tomorrow.






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